Hi, I'm Dani. I'm a popcorn loving, rain dancing, traveling wedding photographer based in Reno/Tahoe. I'm OBSESSED with plants & polaroids and I cannot go a day without listening to music. 

When it comes to photography, I specialize in capturing love stories. So no matter who you love, however & wherever your love story is unfolding, I will be there in a heartbeat to document those memories with you. From backyard weddings to adventure sessions on the edge of the world, I'll go where your love takes me. For real. We could be traipsing through vineyards in Napa, dancing under waterfalls in Hawaii or roaming around the hills of the Scottish Highlands; basically, where you go I go and I have no doubt that together we will make some unforgettable memories captured by some pretty epic photographs.

A Little About Me

Not just a photographer, a visual storyteller for loved-up souls.

Quick Hits About Me


Before we get crazy, let me hit ya a couple random quick hits about me:

- I'm Reno, NV born-and-raised. 
- I believe that life is better when dogs are involved.
- I'm a Taurus sun, Virgo rising and Aquarius moon.
- My perfect coffee to cream ratio = golden retriever brown.
- Popcorn is the ultimate snack food. 
- I'm that person that listens to everything. For real, I'm throwing Harry Styles, Adele, Florida Georgia Line, 50 Cent, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Foster the People on the aux. 
- I might be addicted to TikTok? 
- I lived in New Zealand for a little bit, and tbh it's the only other place in the world I could see myself living. 
- I read tarot cards.
- True crime podcasts are where it's at. #ssdgm
- I love gift wrap. I'm the kind of person who matches their Christmas wrap to the theme of the tree. I wish I was kidding lol.

I have a list of every movie i've ever seen. Yes you read that right. 

What Inspires Me

I started photography because I never loved how I looked when I was in front of the camera. I always had things to nitpick about myself and so I honestly started volunteering to be behind the lens so I could avoid being on the other side. Once I started to photograph, I got to be the hype woman I never had. I got to help others feel good in their skin and see just how beautiful they really truly are -- and that right there was a turning point. Because I started to show others a rad af side of themselves, I got confident that I could be that person when I stepped in front of that lens again. And from there, it all just spiraled. 

Now I not only get to make people feel good about themselves, I get to capture some of the most exciting and intimate points in their life and capture them at their peak happiness. That giddy joy you have when you first fall in love or get engaged or say "I do" is one of the best feelings in the world, and having photos to suck you right back into those feels is just the cherry on top. 

Feeling good in your own skin is goal no. 1.
no matter who you are or whatcha look like, you deserve to look at a photo of yourself and think "hot damn. I look good!!"


Behind The Lens

From inquiry to your final gallery delivery I'll be there every step of the way (and I'll probs have snacks too!). 

When it comes to your wedding day, me & you & your planner have been in constant contact to make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. I tend to show up early with tea for you in hand to make sure our gets off on the right foot. From there we smile and laugh and soak up every moment from getting ready until you're dancing your married booty off. And you best bet you'll be catching my sweet moves on the dance floor with ya! 

Your wedding day, your engagement sesh, your boudoir sesh, however you find yourself in front of my lens -- you're guaranteed that I'm going to be there hyping you up and capturing everything from the big belly laughs to those soft in-between moments. 

Rain or shine, I WON’T MISS A BEAT


My Philosophy

I'm in the business of capturing love stories and all love stories are valid around here. I'm a safe space for my friends in the LGBTQAI+ community. I'm a safe space for my friends of color. I'm a safe space for my friends of different shapes and sizes. I'm a safe space for my abled and disabled friends. I'm safe space for my friends of young love or seasoned love. 

Bottom line, you can trust that you're going to be seen, heard and welcomed in front of my lens & any other space we find ourselves together in.

Love is Love and all of it deserves to be captured


Dani took photos of my fiancé and I in the redwood forests of Big Sur and we are BLOWN AWAY with the pics!! Not only is she such a sweet human, but she captured mine and my fiancé’s playfulness and personality so well! I am so in love with the photos she took of us 😍 if you’re considering hiring Dani this is your sign!!!

Jess & Josh

Dani was my wedding photographer, but when I say that it sounds wrong because she was SOOOOO much more than that! She went above and beyond for every little detail to ensure my day was relaxing and comfortable. Amazing price for the service and amazing photos. I truly love Dani and I will be recommending her forever and hopefully will be seeing her again for my maternity shoot. ❤️

Morgan & Paul

Dani made our experience seamless and enjoyable from the moment we first connected. She worked with our budget and helped walk me through every detail of the Big Day and what to expect leading up to it. She was always quick to respond and communicate everything I needed to feel prepared. She convinced us to do the first look photos (without pressuring us!) which I am beyond happy that we ended up doing. The photos turned out gorgeous and were sent to us within the timeframe she gave us. I cannot recommend her enough and she gave me the referral for my hair and makeup (Savvy Beauty Bar) which turned out to be the best recommendation. Thank you, we are so in love with our photos!!

Tasha & Brian

Sweet Nothings

Live, travel, adventure, bless and don't be sorry.
~ Jack Kerouac

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