Though the Lake is pretty year round, there is just something about a snow-covered Lake Tahoe that makes my heart sing. Whether you’re here to hit the slopes, snowshoe in the backcountry or just enjoy sitting lakeside while taking in some epic snow-covered mountain views, there is something so magical about the lake in the Winter. The winter months are also such a great time for a snowy engagement session in Lake Tahoe, if you’re into that sort of thing! 

Knowing they were going to get married at the Lake in the summer, Seanne and Andrew decided that they wanted to celebrate their engagement during an opposite time of year! After chatting with them about what they envisioned for their engagement sesh, we settled on a location with epic views, forest vibes and somewhere that still had some now hanging around. Let’s just say I think we nailed it!! 

The hike up here was a slick and icy one, and I lowkey almost took out Andrew on the hike down when I ate shit lol BUT it was so worth it!! The yummy goldenness of the sun contrasted with those cool winter blues and whites made for the perfect combo. I also loved that they brought along two outfits so we could keep some casual and then get a little fancy with it. 

Overall I had the best time with these two and I cannot wait for you to check out the art we created!! 

Want to see what this spot looks like in the summer? Check it out: Engagement Photos with a View


February 12, 2021

Snowy Engagement Session in Lake Tahoe