Whitney and Kendall’s North Lake Tahoe Engagements were just the thing I needed to kick off a busy weekend of sessions and weddings!

The energy between these two was so contagious. I couldn’t help but be so excited for their wedding because if Kendall and Whitney were this amazing I knew their friends and family would be! Kendall and Whitney were incredibly sweet and have one of the most spectacular loves I have ever seen.

I’m so glad they trusted me to capture their North Lake Tahoe engagements. 

North Lake Tahoe Engagements: Whitney Fenimore and Kendall Wessenberg

A Little Bit About the Couple: Kendall Wesenberg and Whitney Fenimore 

It’s okay to fangirl a little in this next part because I definitely did when they booked with me!

Not only are these women incredible, but they just have such a special bond and love. When Kendall talked to me about Whitney for the first time, the love she felt was absolutely palpable!

What Lead Them to Their North Lake Tahoe Engagements

Kendall is an Olympian and competes in the skeleton race. I know right? INCREDIBLE! She competed in the 2018 Olympics and actually trains all over the world.

But, that’s not even where it ends!

Whitney is an amazing Nashville-based artist with the most melodic voice and beautiful lyrics. She was a contestant on NBC’s, The Voice, in 2017!

I’m serious you guys, these two are superhumans! 

Kendall and Whitney’s love story started out like how most modern ones do, Whitney slid into Kendall’s DM’s. They spoke for a few months until Kendall decided she needed to make sure she wasn’t being catfished! From there, she booked a flight to Nashville.

Because of the pandemic, they got to stay together in Kendall’s hometown until they bought their first home together, and now here we are! 

Kendall and Whitney reached out to me when they were initially planning their wedding and booked me to photograph it (hell yeah!!). And a couple of months before the wedding when they visited Lake Tahoe to finalize deets with their vendors, they decided to tack on a last-minute engagement session.

Let me tell you I am SO GLAD they did.

Views, Vibes, and Hikes During These North Lake Tahoe Engagements

The walk up to these views was 100% uphill, and I was SWEATIN! Let me be the first to say that it was beyond worth it.

Every step we took just kept getting better. I cannot even count how many times we all said, “WOW” while rounding every single corner. If the hike didn’t take your breath away the views certainly would. 

When we got to the top, we took a breather and cracked open a bottle of rosé. We jammed out to some Noah Kahn radio on Spotify and it truly was such a vibe. We created all the art and just the way these two interacted was so pure.

Their love was shining through with every touch, and also seemed to make even awkward moments so cute and light. These two ladies were not afraid to just be their beautiful selves. I was full of smiles and joy after our sesh and beyond pumped for their big day!


October 5, 2022

North Lake Tahoe Engagements: Whitney Fenimore and Kendall Wesenberg