Erin and Mitch’s California Olive Orchard wedding was so special since it was held at Mitch’s family orchard. The orchard typically houses olive oil, tastings, and today a WEDDING! 

Are you ready to explore this unique and epic day?
I’m so excited to share it with you!

California Olive Orchard Wedding in Yuba City, California | Wedding Captured by Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer, Dani Rawson Photography

The First Date’s Lasting Impression

Mitch and Erin met during their time in college. After their first date, Mitch got home and told everyone “I’m going to marry that girl”. Three years later he did just that! 

Isn’t that just so sweet? 

Together, the pair have three silly German Shepherds. That, a look into the future, were all a part of their wedding! Between you and I, I am so in love with Nymeria! But, we can talk about that later! 

They both share a love of the outdoors and going on adventures. Mitch even proposed to Erin on their latest adventure to Kauai.

After capturing their epic adventure engagement session… CHECK IT HERE, I was super excited to travel to Yuba City for their California wedding! 

Prepping for Their BIG California Wedding

Let me start off by saying, I had no idea Yuba City had rouge roosters wandering around. Was a bit of of a shock when I woke up to a ‘Cock-a-doodle-do”! Buttt luckily I was staying at the same hotel as Erin so it was great to capture some “getting ready” photos there. Her dress looked so STUNNING!

When I got to the venue, I saw Mitch being a super trooper and putting together the centerpieces. Rumor has it that they’ve been getting the orchard ready by cleaning up for a week! The boys were already in their freshly pressed jeans and pouring out cognac before the ceremony. 

Erin and Mitch’s wedding venue was decorated with the perfect mix of terracotta, green, and steel blue. It’s giving Western Boho vibes! 

Saying “I Do” at a Beautiful California Olive Orchard Wedding

Although the wedding was running a bit behind schedule, that did not stop the fun celebration. Erin and Mitch didn’t let anything get in their way of having the most memorable time together. 

Their California wedding at Mitch’s family olive orchard was so special because everyone got involved to pitch in. Their family friend did all the cooking making a tri-tip that was to-die-for and their other family friend was their DJ with the sick beats. 

Nymeria, remember her? She was a part of their wedding and it was just the most precious moment. During the ceremony, she nestled at their feet. 

I LOVE when couples have that special unique element in their wedding that is totally them. 

The Special Moments at Their Olive Orchard Wedding

Since Erin and Mitch’s wedding was at their olive orchard, they had olive oil gifts for everyone which is so RAD! Who doesn’t love a good olive oil tasting?!

It’s just so unique.

Everyone’s speech mentioned Mitch’s “I’m going to marry that girl [Erin]”. That goes to show the impact those words had after their first date. I’m not crying, you are! 

After every serious photo we took, we just HAD to do a goofy personality photo for Mitch. He gets it from his momma! And we love to see it! It was so much fun being a part of their whole wedding journey.

I love connecting with all these rad beautiful humans. I will never stop being amazed at how cool it is to be trusted with such amazing moments! 

Wedding Vendor Dream Team:

Photographer: Dani Rawson Photography

Venue: Renfree Farms

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

Dj: Sutter Sounds

Florist: North Bloom

Rings: Hillcrest Jewelers

HAMU: Erin W Make Up 

Hair Piece: Buketis Floral Design


December 1, 2022

California Olive Orchard Wedding