live, travel, adventure, bless and don't be sorry. - jack kerouac

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Hitting the open road, soaring high above the clouds, dancing under waterfalls and capturing love stories all over the world makes my soul happy. 

traveling is in my blood


Where am I headed next? 

2021 is my oyster when it comes to travel! I don't have anything planned yet (thanks COVID), BUT I would love to get after your dream destination. Depending on travel restrictions and if we're talking 2021 or 2022, I'm game to go just about anywhere! 

Not sure where to go yet? These are some of my dream locations that I've been DYING to photograph at: 

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- Moab National Park
- Big Sur
- Oregon Coast
- Montana 
- Alaska
- Grand Canyon 
- Redwoods National Park
- Hawaii 

- Colorado Rockies 
- Seattle 
- NYC 
- Honestly any ocean front 
- Zion National Park 
- Arches National Park 
- Utah Salt Flats 


- Scotland
- Ireland 
- Greece
- Italy 
- Banff, CA 
- New Zealand 
- Tulum, Mexico 

- Dominican Republic
- Iceland 
- Copenhagen 
- South of France
- Bali 
- The Philippines 
- Vietnam 

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Dani is a Lake Tahoe based wedding and elopement photographer, travelling worldwide. 
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