Here's to you, here's to me, and here's to all the places we're going to see. 

9 San Jose, CA
10-13 Cabo San Lucas, MX

March 2023

2023 Travel Dates

Here's the thing, I'm going to see the world one way or another and I think that experience would be EVEN BETTER if you joined me. I want to see YOUR favorite corners of the earth and help document your precious memories in these incredible places. 

So let's toast to your love and celebrate the fact that we're young & alive and have a whole world to see!

Photographing love coast to coast, hemisphere to hemisphere

and I must go


Now when it comes to travelling and photography, my packages are ALL INCLUSIVE. You won't added travel fees on my end of things. 

And the bonus? If you book me while I'm already in your corner of the world, you get my local Nevada/California pricing. Talk about a DEAL. 

So here's all the travel I have planned for the next year and I constantly keep her updated so be sure to check back to see if/when I'm in your area!

11-21 Greece
27-28 Auburn, CA

May 2023

2-6 Los Angeles, CA
19-21 Walnut Grove, CA

August 2023

My Bucket List

As of right now, I have nothing planned for 2024 and I would love to change that! So if you've been thinking of a destination anything, let's book it and make BOTH of our travel dreams come true!! 

Not sure where to go yet? Here's some dream locations of mine: 

Oregon coast
Glacier National Park 

South of France
Banaff, CA

Let's talk dream destination wedding

3-5 Bay Area, CA

November 2023

14-19 Bay Area, CA 
(Petaluma, San Jose, Santa Cruz)

June 2023

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let's go!