Travelling is in my blood

Hitting the open road, soaring high above the clouds, dancing under waterfalls and capturing love stories all over the world makes my soul happy. 

2023 is my oyster when it comes to travel! I don't have much planned yet, BUT I would love to get after your dream destination. 

Where am I headed next?

Not sure where to go yet? These are some of my dream locations that I've been DYING to photograph at:

- Moab 
- Big Sur
- Oregon Coast
- Montana 
- Alaska
- Grand Canyon 
- Redwoods National Park

- Scotland
- Ireland 
- Greece
- Italy 
- Banff, CA 
- New Zealand 
- Tulum, Mexico 

- Hawaii 
- Colorado Rockies 
- Seattle 
- NYC 
- Honestly any ocean front 
- Zion National Park 
- Utah Salt Flats 

- Dominican Republic
- Iceland 
- Copenhagen 
- South of France
- Bali 
- The Philippines 
- Australia 



2023 Travel Dates

JAN: Dec 30-an 3, Washington DC

FEB 17: Copperopolis, CA

MARCH: 9-14 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

MAY: 11-21 Greece (Athens, Milos, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini)
27-28 Auburn, CA

AUGUST: 2-7 Los Angeles

NOVEMBER: 3-5 Bay Area, CA

No travel fees if you book a shoot while I'm travelling in these locations

Check out the blog for sessions in rad places

Joshua Tree, CA

Zion National Park

Redwoods, CA