Covid has thrown us all for loop, especially those of us in the wedding industry and those who were planning on getting married during the last two years. Michelle & Ryan we’re no different. Originally they had planned on a Hawaii wedding in the summer of 2021, but the Covid restrictions on the island caused them to change course. Instead, we worked together to create a beautiful, Hawaii-inspired wedding on the shores of Lake Tahoe at Tahoe Beach Retreat. 

That is one thing I really love about the lake. You can have it all. The beach, the forest, the mountains, waterfalls and meadows galore. It truly is such a universal place. Just throw in some beachy tunes and some tropical flowers and you can be transported to the shores of Hawaii. Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t quite the same, but it sure makes for a killer backup plan!!  

Dream Team:


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August 14, 2021

Summer Wedding at Tahoe Beach Retreat