HOT DAMN – Nicole and Joe’s Backyard Reno Traditional Wedding was one that spoke to the masses! Ultimately, the whole day was a big ass party, and it was truly everything!

Once upon a time, Nicole and I used to be coworkers! When she and Joe reached out, I was stoked! In fact, there was no way in this whole wide world that I would miss the opportunity to capture their epic love story.

Details for this Backyard Reno Traditional Wedding

To begin their day, Nicole got ready at a super cute and local AirBnb while Joe got ready at his buddy’s house. She wore a detailed lace gown, and he wore a pink suit with floral lining! But, the best part? Joe picked it out all by himself! Indeed, it was such a mood and vibe.

Dudes, if you are reading this, PLEASE HAVE FUN WITH YOUR WEDDING ATTIRE. Wear whatever the hell you want!

Once they were ready, it was time for their Backyard Reno Traditional Wedding to get started!

They hosted their wedding at Nicole’s parent’s house, and it was literally the perfect place for a wedding. It is a sweet little slice of heaven nestled in South Reno, Nevada.

Furthermore, Nicole knew that they just had to have their wedding here. Her dad always dreamed that one of his children would get married in their backyard. Because of this, the couple had their minds made up from the moment the engagement ring was placed on Nicole’s finger.

Making Wedding Dreams Come True – in the best way possible

Without a doubt, Nicole and Joe knew that they wanted their wedding to be nothing less than a party! The couple 100% hit the nail right on the head!

Nicole’s bridesmaids were walking around with beer bongs the entire day. They were in charge of making sure that those who wanted to, had access to the alcohol! It was fucking rad.

The party didn’t stop at the booze. In fact, the DJ was the real MVP with the killer mid-2000s college party playlist. Everyone was dancing underneath the large neon sign that lit up the outdoor dance floor.

To conclude, their Backyard Reno Traditional Wedding was the party of the century. Nicole and Joe absolutely accomplished what they set out to do – create a wedding experience that would be remembered forever!

I love love love that I was able to be involved in their wedding day! Additionally, It is one that I will never forget!


Photo: @danirawsonphoto

Drinks: @pizenandwine

Florals: @afloral_kjs

HAMU: @ladida_kyra

Planning: @pankeyplanning

Music: @amplifiedent

Second Photog: @alleyroseco

Suit: @menswearhouse

Video: @amber_shore_pictures


December 5, 2021

Backyard Reno Traditional Wedding