Where to start when it comes to Nick & Kim’s mountain top proposal in Lake Tahoe? Let’s start off with the fact that I was nervous as hell! Maybe not as nervous as Nick, but I  definitely had the butterflies. I think it comes from the fact that I not only don’t get to meet my couple before we head to our location in these situations but also the fact that I have one chance to capture THE moment. But regardless of nerves, we made freakin proposal magic and it was everything. 

Kim was completely surprised and didn’t think a proposal was going to happen on this trip. Let alone a proposal with a view like this and a photographer there to capture it all. After Nick got down on one knee and Kim, shaking & crying, told him “Yes. A thousand times Yes.” I finally got to introduce myself and we got to capture engagement photos! The views, the dancing to Leon Bridges, and all the super-in-love vibes were immaculate and made for the best proposal/engagement sesh ever!

It was so nice to finally meet Nick as well! We had been planning this moment for two months – going over every detail, diving into pros and cons about locations, the works – so to see it all come to fruition was amazing!! That’s something I love about working with my humans on their proposals as well – I love getting able to help them plan the details, suggest places, set up styled picnics if they want to add that on, it truly is so special to be a part of the process. 

Now I could go on about just how special this mountain top proposal was, but how about I just show you instead! Let’s tuck into it! 

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January 14, 2022

Mountain Top Proposal in Lake Tahoe