Hien and Rickie’s Lake Tahoe Couples Session WAS TO DIE FOR. Seriously, those alpine views were showing off for us the entire time! Let me just thank them from the bottom of my heart really quickly because I would have been so sad to miss out on the gorgeous Tahoe mountains that we experienced together. (We almost had to cancel due to weather haha)

This also happened to be the very first time Hien and Rickie had ever had professional photos taken in the five years that they have been married! Rickie is in the Coast Guard and was getting deployed. Because of this, they opted for a quick courthouse wedding with minimal photos covered. So, this Lake Tahoe Couples Session was a BIG FREAKING DEAL. Y’all, I am HONORED

Lake Tahoe Couples Session with Alpine Views

Wandering Through the Mountains During This Lake Tahoe Couples Session

Hein and Rickie booked longer shoot time with me! This meant that we got to experience multiple locations throughout Tahoe. SPOILER ALERT: We got the best forest and alpine view imaginable. Seriously, you are going to be DROOLING by the end of their gallery!

That’s something I love about longer shoot times! You can go to multiple places and have photos with so many beautiful views. You get a completely different vibe within a few minutes, it’s like two photo shoots in one!

Lake Tahoe Couples Session: The Juicy Deets

Oh my GOD, these two share the most special love. We are talking about an earth-shattering type of love! Somehow the Universe allowed me to experience it firsthand?! HOLY SHIT. They are so silly and goofy with each other. I was cheesin’ just a much as they were!

We cracked some beers, danced to some music and explored some of the best spots the lake thas to offer. It was EPIC.

Something I absolutely love is when clients take advantage of my knowledge! As we’er planning your sesh, you can totally text me with your outfits ideas in order to get my opinion! Hien had no problem with this, and I was able to offer my advice and hype her THE F up about her cute fits.

I also give you guys an outfit guide about a month before your sesh that can help you decide on what to wear and give you all the ideas and inspo! 

When Hien & Rickie’s session rolled around, the weather that day looked MISERABLE, like 25-35 mph winds and rain, miserable. So we decided to reschedule to the next day and OH MY GOD it was the best call! It felt like a true summer day in April and made the pictures that much better.

If weather conditions are bad and if it’s possible, I love to make your sesh happen on a different day. When the weather is cold in Tahoe, it’s COLD. So let me be the first to tell you that if we’re all miserable, you’ll be able to see it in the photos. So if we have a chance to reschedule to a more mild day, let’s do it! It’ll be so much better for your photos in the long run.

Want proof? Just check these out!! 👇🏼


September 6, 2022

Lake Tahoe Couples Session with Alpine Views