What’s the best part of Lake Tahoe? She’s got it all!  Dena and Troy got absolutely everything out of their Lake Tahoe West Shore engagement session. As out-of-towners, they wanted to make sure to see the best so I had to take them to my favorite views!!

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Check out this Lake Tahoe West Shore Engagement Session captured by Dani Rawson Photo, a Lake Tahoe-based wedding photographer.

From the East Coast to Lake Tahoe’s West Shore 

One of the most rad aspects of being a Reno/Tahoe-based photographer is that I get to meet couples who travel from all over the world. OR in this case, all the way from Philly!! I love meeting my East Coast babies!!

Troy and Dena came to know Lake Tahoe through Troy’s family and they came out so Dena could see it before taking her dental residency (aaaah! Now that’s epic!).

Getting to share how open and raw the West is, is one of my favorites. It’s so rad being in a location people travel to. 

All the Views at This Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Since they were from the East Coast, Dena and Troy booked one of my longer packages so we could hit up multiple locations at Lake Tahoe. I was able to show them the best views and my secret spots (haha!)

To kick off their engagement session, we listened to house music and cracked open some White Claws. You know how I roll!

One thing to note about Tahoe, she can get windy! HMUA did an amazing job with hair and makeup–they made sure to hairspray and gel down Dena’s hair. Everything stayed in place! 

Dena’s white dress and Troy’s shirt popped so well against Lake Tahoe’s West Shore backdrop. 

RECOMMEND: def. wear what makes you comfortable, but bright whites against Tahoe’s backdrops are a major key – I highly recommend

Dena had a specific view she wanted and we made her dreams come true! You get all of the best views of Tahoe: the mountains, the lake, and the forests. We finished their engagement session out at the shore to play with the classic granite that Lake Tahoe West Shore has to offer.

They were so freakin’ cute!!



April 12, 2022

Lake Tahoe West Shore Engagement Session