Maddie and Jake had a sentimental Nevada backyard wedding in Reno at Maddie’s family home.

The house was built by Maddie’s grandparents and is where her grandparents got married, her parents got married, her siblings got married, and now Maddie. It was so sweet to be able to share the history, be a part of her family, and share the special moment together. Maddie and Jake’s wedding was one of those you never want to leave! 

Are you ready for this incredible backyard wedding with so much history? 

Sentimental Nevada Backyard Wedding located in Reno, NV | Photographed by Lake Tahoe Based Wedding Photographer, Dani Rawson Photography

Meet the Couple: Maddie + Jake

Maddie and Jake met in college through their friends who were dating each other! Their lives ended up intertwining due to being involved in Greek life on campus. Your friends know you BEST and clearly knew to set these two lovebirds up. 

They are true adventurers with their love of camping year-round and their favorite snacks of sunflower seeds and hot Cheetos. They love walks with their pup and cozy movie nights. 

TRUST ME… If you want to pump them up, play some Shania Twain or “Doses and Mimosas”. 

Getting Ready for Those Wedding Bells

I’m not going to lie to you. The wedding venue, Maddie’s family home, was like 10 minutes from me! As much as I love traveling to the lake and all it was just so nice to just go around the corner for a wedding spot. 

Getting ready at the house was super chill and laid back. Maddie had her friends do her makeup and hair while all the girls also got ready at the house. 

The boys came later! Jake got all the guys in the wedding party the coolest flasks gifts. The most memorable photos we got of Jake getting ready were when they were slathering him up with sunscreen. It made for the best photo moment! 

In a Nevada wedding during July, you neeeeeed sunblock. PROTECT THAT SKIN, JAKE. PROTECT THAT SKIN!

The Nevada Backyard Wedding First Look

Maddie had a first look with her dad, the wedding party, and her groom (of course!). 

I think because Maddie is the last of her siblings to get married, the first look with her dad was the sweetest and most sentimental moment – everyone was crying all the happy tears. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I love these moments because I cannot wait to do this with my own dad. 

Jake’s first look with Maddie was also so sweet and amazing! There where hugs, kisses, full 360 spins of her dress, and of course more happy tears!

Because we got everyone’s first looks done early, we were able to knock out all the wedding party & family portraits needed before their ceremony, guaranteeing them time to enjoy the rest of their wedding day. One of Jake’s concerns was not having enough time to mingle and party on the dance floor with guests, but the first looks made this possible!

Their Sentimental Wedding Ceremony

Maddie and Jake are the kindest and most down-to-earth human beings. You will definitely catch me grabbing a beer with them anytime! 

Maddie and Jake got married in front of the house which was super magical. Maddie’s backyard wedding is also the last wedding until maybe super future grandkids come here so it was SUPER special to be a part of the day. 

After the “I do’s”, everyone went inside to do a group tequila shot. I mean wedding party and family! 

We love that!!

The Golden Hour of All Golden Hours

The wedding reception was full of good music, mingling, chatting, and chill vibes. The sun was setting and I had to steal Maddie and Jake away for golden hour.

We ventured to a field 2 minutes from their house. Although the vegetation around is one of those scratchy and pokey ones, you wouldn’t even notice with their photos. It was the golden magical sunshine field of my dreams (as a photog) and the magic we created, just scroll and look!!!

Jake was also on the fence about sneaking away for golden hour because he was all about getting the reception, mingling, and dancing, but in the end, he was so glad we did. He also just had the most go-with-the-flow attitude the whole day (Maddie too). 

I just have an appreciation for the clients that are down to make it happen and go with my vision on the day because trust me it won’t disappoint – I mean look at those photos!! 

Maddie and Jake’s golden hours is one of my favorite golden hours I’ve ever photographed in 5 years. Simply, INCREDIBLE! 

Nevada Backyard Wedding Reception

Maddie and Jake were my first wedding EVER to have my photobooth which was really rad. They had a custom background and neon sign along with props provided. The photobooth photos were amazing. 

They had DJ Oscar, one of my fave DJs in town. He knows how to play the best music and can hype up any party. Maddie and Jake wanted their wedding reception to feel like they were back at a frat house in college — and let me tell ya, Oscar killed those vibes!!

I’m talking glow sticks. Light up foam things. Feather boas on the dance floor. 

Let me say, I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE even after a 10-hour day with them. 

To top off their day they had a local fresh hot churro stand that was to die for! I loved every single bit of the day. 

Wedding Vendor Dream Team:

Dress: Swoon Bridal 

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Video: Jordan Alpine Media (loveeeddd working with him!) 

Music: DJ Oscar Perez 

Catering: Famous Daves

Second photog: Alley Rose Co 

Photobooth: The Wander Booth

See What They’re Saying After Their Nevada Backyard Wedding:


October 15, 2022

Sentimental Nevada Backyard Wedding