I am SO excited to share this Zephyr Cove maternity shoot with y’all. Not only was the weather and views perfect… BUT I AM TELLING YOU this shoot was for two very special friends of mine!

Zephyr Cove Maternity Shoot in South Lake Tahoe

I met Bo and Blake at a styled shoot back in 2019 and we just clicked. From there I’ve taken their engagements, elopement, and wedding photos! These two have been the best clients and friends there are. Honestly, I am SOOOO grateful for them!

Bo and Blake have been dreaming of this Zephyr Cove maternity shoot since way back when we booked their wedding, and I am so glad we got to feel the warm sand between our toes and crawl around on the classic Tahoe granite boulders together again.

What can I say? I am a sucker for making dreams come true!

A Special Day for a Zephyr Cove Maternity Shoot

I have already established that this Zephyr Cove maternity shoot was YEARS in the making. I am not gonna lie, I get teary-eyed thinking about just how far they have come! They are incredible humans and are going to be great parents! Let’s be honest… THEY DESERVE THE WORLD.

The weather was perfect on the day of the shoot. The lake was like glass and the way the light glinted off the water was unreal. 

Bo opted for a more casual maternity look which I was so onboard with! Don’t get me wrong I love an ethereal dress moment but something about Bo wearing jeans and a sports bra just felt completely right. Blake was also super casual and it all came together like a dream! 

Another perfect detail was how secluded and alone we were, we could hit all the perfect picture spots without being interrupted. This is exactly why I always recommend weekdays for couple shoots and since the days are so long right now, you can definitely swing it after work. 

Bo and Blake’s shoot was so amazing and I just want to tell them: thank you for having me capture some of the most special moments in your lives! 


October 19, 2022

Zephyr Cove Maternity Shoot in South Lake Tahoe