When I say that I am still obsessing over Haleigh and Scott’s Tahoe City Engagement Session, I MEAN IT.

Their session was like a 15-minute drive from Tahoe City which also just so happens to have a 15-minute hike straight uphill. Without fail, I suck air every time and lowkey dread it. But, DAMN is the view 150% worth it.

Tahoe City Engagement Session at Sunset

Getting Comfortable For Their Tahoe City Engagement Session

Since Scott is not a cardio person, we just took our time on the hike! Honestly, I love doing this! We stopped when we needed to and made it up there in one piece. Living in a society that is constantly on the move, it is nice to take a second to appreciate the world we live in! So I was all about it.

Speaking of the view, Scott had just gotten a new phone with a nice camera so he kept taking it out to take his own photos. I mean, CUTE, right!? We love you, Scott. We really do!

Speaking of cutie Scott things, he also really pushed himself to new heights! Heights aren’t his jam and although he was nervous, he kept making sure Haleigh was safe. He seriously kept checking on her to make sure she wasn’t going to fall. It’s little moments like those where you see just how IN LOVE he is with her.

Happy tears… Literal happy tears.

We just jammed to music the whole time and got to know each other even more. It was so nice to connect with them on a deeper level, especially since their wedding was coming up in like 4 months after this shoot.

Mountain Engagement Session… BUT Make it Hockey

They’re also big hockey fans… LIKE BIG TIME. They went to Canada for Thanksgiving so they could watch a hockey game. I am telling you… BIG FANS.

Golden Knights are their team since they’re both from Vegas and they incorporated that into their shoot by putting on jerseys! Love love love when couples do this. It’s just another way to make the shoot reflective of your relationship and the things you love to do.

Tahoe City Engagement Session full of Good Omens and Good Time

After we hiked down, we popped down the road and across the street for some photos by the water – the sunset was epicccc. The most perfect pink sky! It was so super sentimental to have a sunset like that for Haleigh. Her grandma had passed and her grandma loved sunsets so much. So whenever there’s a really good one, her family says that it’s her grandma saying “hi” and that she’s there. To have a stunning sunset on their engagement shoot was such a good omen and just good for the soul.

Later we wrapped up the photos and went to get dinner together in Incline Village.

It was a little bit of a drive from where we were but totally worth it. We had totally planned to go to a hot chicken place, but we got there and it was no longer there. Scotty’s heart was a little broken at that tbh!

Instead, we just went to a random restaurant where the chicken place used to be and shared a meal and still had a good time.

I love LOVE getting to do this with couples! Especially bridal couples because we get to be friends IRL and just connect more outside of the client/vendor relationship.


November 2, 2022

Tahoe City Engagement Session at Sunset