OMGGGGG y’all!!! Your girl officially went on her first INTERNATIONAL gig! Which just so happened to be a cutesie Canada Airbnb Engagement Session (& their wedding the following day — blog coming soon!!). I am still freaking out over here.

I was so stoked when Whitney, from Wild Love and Wanderlust, invited me to be her second shooter in this amazing Airbnb engagement session in Canada for Maddie and Chris! 

You may notice that Maddie looks familiar…
Any guesses? You’re going to want to keep scrolling for this one!

Canada Airbnb Engagement Session

About the Couple: Maddie + Chris 

In case you couldn’t put your finger on it, Maddie is a workout instructor that has most likely popped up on your Instagram or Youtube feed! Check her page out HERE.

Chris and Maddie actually met 7 to 8 years ago. They were working at a health food store, and they were just good friends since Maddie was always in a relationship. But, Chris was a patient man with a plan! Honestly, WE LOVE THAT FOR THEM.

One night, Maddie was talking with her bestie post-breakup. They were just talking about being in their mid-twenties and about friends she really missed. Suddenly, Maddie’s thoughts were consumed by Chris! So, she took the plunge by sending him a message on Snapchat.

That’s how they started talking again and how we got here.

Don’t underestimate the power of a snap y’all! Modern love stories are THE WAY TO GO.

The Road to a Canadian Airbnb Engagement Session

I flew into Toronto, Canada with Whitney. Together, we took a day to explore the city before we drove an hour outta town to meet with Maddie and Chris. 

After the vast drive down a Canadian route, we turned off the highway in Ontario to an Airbnb. It was a little hidden gem of a property with so many fun backgrounds to work with. It was so nice to finally meet them, and I was so excited! 

We exchanged our hellos and cracked open a few White Claws to start creating all the engagement art together. In order to get to know each other better, we swapped stories and shared all the laughs. Their dog Jazz was involved too so there were sooo many puppy kisses and ball chasing.

I know. I know.

I say it every time, but I love dogs so much! So, if we can bring them along on a shoot, LET’S DO IT! 

After Our AirBnb Engagement Session in Canada

Once we wrapped up their amazing engagement session at their Airbnb, we all went to Chris’s family friend’s home. This is going to be their gorgeous venue for their wedding day! I cannot tell you how beautiful this place is. 

We got to stay for their rehearsal dinner which was only just for their immediate family and friends. The burgers and hot dogs hit the spot! We not only got to get to know their family, but they also made me and Whitney feel like family! 

It was the perfect trip! Chris and Maddie had the cutest hallmark engagement proposal where Chris–

Actually, how about I tell you their proposal in their wedding blog! (Coming soon — keep your eyes peeled 👀)

Advice For When You Are Bringing an Out of State Photographer

If you’re bringing your wedding photographer in from out of the city, state, or country, I can’t recommend doing a day before the engagement session enough! 


Not only do we get to hang together and get to know one another better before the big day, but you get photos of yourselves without all of the frills and the thrills. I promise that there is nothing more refreshing than that!

It’s one of those moments where you essentially get to be alone with your person (plus me of course lol) before the hustle and bustle of wedding prep soaking up all your time. 

The last thing, it also just hypes you up for the next BIG day and continues on all the good wedding vibes. 

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December 21, 2022

Canada Airbnb Engagement Session