Down the road from the hustle and bustle of Virginia City, you will find the 1861 historic Gold Hill Hotel that was perfect for Sarah and Kyle’s western wedding. 

Keep reading to check out their amazing wedding in Virginia City, Nevada’s oldest running hotel…and possible ghosts?! 

Virginia City Western Wedding at the 1861 historic Gold Hill Hotel captured by Dani Rawson Photography | A Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Something New and Borrowed in Virginia City

I was so excited about Sarah and Kyle’s big day! Their western Virginia City wedding was so intimate and threw out a lot of traditional wedding styles. I am always a fan of couples who tailor their wedding to match their vibe! 

When I first met Sarah, I can just feel that she loves deeply and hard for those people in her life! It was so sweet seeing her and Kyle’s connection. 

While Kyle was getting ready I noticed the coolest bolo tie on! The story behind it was even better. The day before they were cruising the shops in Virginia City and went into a local store where this silver bolo tie caught his eye! 

Kyle knew the bolo tie is something he’d only wear on his wedding day so he passed, BUT his family knew the owner and the owner let him borrow the tie just for the wedding. Now that is something new AND borrowed all in one. 

Saying I Do at a Western Wedding

Sarah and Kyle got married inside the 1861 historic hotel officiated by Kyle’s cousin who did an excellent job!

They set aside the traditional wedding rule book out of the way and paved their own path! Sarah and Kyle didn’t do a grand entrance, no grand exit, and no first dance. They wanted their wedding to be focused on their love and the guests who attended. 

Sarah and Kyle got to enjoy their cocktail hour to the fullest extent–especially since we knocked their portrait photos out ahead of time. My motto? You’re investing a lot in your wedding day, so please enjoy it!

I Ain’t Scared of No Ghost

Their wedding was at the oldest hotel in Nevada that’s still running, and spoiler alert it’s legit haunted.

I unknowingly had a ghost encounter there and I totally didn’t realize until the drive home!

Basically, at dinner I read this pamphlet that said two of the ghosts make themselves known with specific smells; a girl brings a rose scent and a guy brings a super intense tobacco/cigar scent. And I remembered while I was prepping my gear for the ceremony, that I got an overwhelming smell of tobacco. At the time I thought it was maybe one of the guests because they did have a couple of smokers in their crowd and there was a basket of cigars for the guests to take part in. Plus the smell only lingered for like 90 seconds, and I didn’t smell it for the rest of the night even when I walked by people literally smoking.

But putting two and two together on the ride home — I’m CONVINCED that I had a ghost encounter with the male ghost! 

And survived to tell the tale haha

Virginia City Dream Team

Venue: Gold Hill Hotel & Saloon

Catering: Crown Point Restaurant 

Dress: Swoon Bridal x Rue De Seine 

Florals: Sierra Flower Farm

Planning Help: Alix, Turquoise & True Events

Interested in getting married in a haunted hotel? Call me. Or maybe Ghostbusters haha


January 31, 2023

Western Wedding in Virginia City, Nevada