Dora and Anthony’s Lake Tahoe engagement session might have been pushed back a week because of the mosquito fire, but that did not stop them from having so much fun! 

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Sandy Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Poppin Champagne and Golden Hour at Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

These two are so freakin’ cute and I appreciate their flexibility to reschedule. Not only did we avoid the smoke, but we also avoided the 5 days of storm prior. The day of their shoot was nice and warm which is exactly what I wanted for Dora and Anthony.

The lake was like glass with the golden hour POPPIN!
Pure bliss if you ask me.

The golden hour wasn’t alone because the champagne was also poppin’! They added champagne to their package so I picked it up on my way so they didn’t have to worry about anything. We blasted some T-Swift (Anthony’s choice btw), got our little private beach, and popped the bubbly! 

Getting Comfortable and Confident for Engagement Sessions

First things first, I like to let my clients know that I am always here for them. I will be your outfit, sounding board, and poses enthusiast, and I love getting inspo into what you like.

Dora and Anthony were so cute, so adorable, and a little nervous in the days leading up to their session. In our group chat, they both said they were “uncomfortable in front of the camera”.

But here is the thing, THEY ARE NATURALS! 

Idk where they heard that from or what they were talking about because the minute I busted out my camera and T-Swift was T-Swifting, they were so comfortable and confident. I love seeing transformations like this! 

I gave out some prompts for different poses and they were both giggling. I think they were going to really love the photos. And, I also think they’re going to feel really good about themselves when they see them. Which is always my ultimate goal. 

PLOT TWIST: they did.
See the reviewssss! (Also it makes me MELT that both of them left reviews!! I don’t usually hear from my guys, so I’m so stoked he had such kind things to say!)

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February 10, 2023

Sandy Lake Tahoe Engagement Session