This South Lake Tahoe Proposal was gorgeous in every way.

Whether you are wanting to capture your wedding, engagement, or…SURPRISE PROPOSALS…I 100% recommend it!

I was so excited once Collin first reached out to me about his winter proposal in South Lake Tahoe to Chantal.

A magical and surprise winter South Lake Tahoe proposal captured by Dani Rawson Photography, a Tahoe-based photographer

The Makings of a Winter Proposal in South Lake Tahoe

Collin has been planning his surprise winter proposal for two months now. It was truly so great to help bring that into reality! Sure, there were a few hiccups along the way like South Lake Tahoe’s weather being beaten up with storms, but every bit of it was worth it when it came down to the moment.

Chantal and Collin’s relationship has been pretty “unorthodox compared to others,” according to Collin.

This is what he had to say about it:

“We said I love you after only a little after a month, we moved in together after a year, we got a puppy at 2 years, and we bought a house together at the start of this year [2022]. Now we’ve been together almost 5 years…and all of it just felt so natural…At some point I realized I honestly couldn’t see my future without her, I see us having a family, and building more together. And that’s when I realized we were meant to be. It wasn’t in any particular moment, but it just sort of happened.”

Now if you’re like me, you also have happy tears reading their story! They’re so perfect!

Popping the Question with a Side of Bubbly

Collin & I decided on this beautiful spot by the lake where you don’t need to hike much and still get all the views of South Lake Tahoe’s winter magic! PLUS it’s one of the only spots that is accessible when massive winter snows hit.

OKAY, so here’s how it went down: I sorta stalked & followed them throughout the vista point, until Collin gave me the look that he was about to propose.

The wind had just died down right when Collin got on one knee to pop the question. It was a perfect time. Chantal was fully surprised!

She said, “YES of course.”

The entire moment was filled with love and joy. What made it even better was, because of the weather, we had the full location all to ourselves. And of course you know we celebrated by poppin’ some bubbly and toasted to the fact that they are now FIANCÈS!!

It was my first shoot back this year and what a way to kick off 2023. It’s going to be a good year!

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February 28, 2023

Winter South Lake Tahoe Proposal