Have you imagined the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of lavender and lush greenery? That’s the exact relaxing aroma you get with a Lavender Ridge Summer Wedding in Reno, NV. 

The Lavender Ridge wedding venue has stunning sunsets over the Sierra Nevada mountains adding to the romantic ambiance that Danielle and Tyler captured on their summer wedding day.

You are NOT ready for how breathtaking this wedding is.

Lavender Ridge Summer Wedding in Reno, Nevada

Meet the Couple: Danielle + Tyler

Danielle & Tyler got married on their bday!! 

Yup, you read that right. They both share the same birthday so they thought, “what the heck, let’s get married on that day too!” So their wedding cake also served as a birthday cake and it was EPIC. 

Not only do they share the same birthday, but they are also both teachers. Danielle teaches middle school and Tyler teaches 3rd grade so they loved the idea of their anniversary being in the summer when they were both off. 

It’s so sweet that they can both enjoy their anniversary together without ever worrying if either of them has to work. They are just some of the most amazing human beings!

Before you keep scrolling, make sure to check out their ENGAGEMENT SESSION.

Lavender Ridge Summer Wedding

I cannot explain to you all how EXCITED I was to finally get to photograph a wedding at Lavender Ridge. I grew up my entire life driving by and seeing weddings there! 

Like come on, all the rows of lavender —you’re kidding! Lavender Ridge is so perfect and it’s the best-smelling venue ever. I also love that everything here is on site: both getting ready spots, ceremony and reception sites, bar, everything!

Tyler got a custom suit from Indochino for the wedding AND we applaud custom suits at affordable prices. It was so perf for him to have a football-lined suit since he is also a football coach! 

When it came to getting these two married, Tyler’s sister officiated the wedding. It’s also so special seeing couples make their wedding unique and include family! I think both of them even expressed their love for sushi in both of their wedding vows haha

Danielle and Tyler have been wanting to go to Japan but it was always iffy during COVID…well during their wedding they opened a surprise mini-moon trip! I love that they are able to mini-moon at a place they’ve wanted to go to now as NEWLYWEDS! 

One of the coolest things I have seen at a wedding happened–they brought in a shaved ice truck! In the summer? How epic!! 

Overall, they just had a cute ass summer wedding day at Lavender Ridge. It was super chill and laid back! (perhaps that’s where the lavender came in! haha)

Summer Ridger Summer Wedding Dream Team

For this summer wedding, I got to work with one of my all-time fave fave fave wedding videographers…Dax! He and his wife, Pao, are the freakin’ best–I love them so much! He also edits insanely fast!

They have ceremonies and get-ready clips playing at the reception–like whatttt???? Unheard of!!!

Video: Dax Victorino Films

Dress: Swoon Bridal x Rish Bridal

Suit: Indochino

Venue: Lavender Ridge

Catering: Fig Tree Catering

Planning: Candlelight & Roses 

Hair: Styled by Gage (he also does my hair and I love him) 

Shaved Ice Truck: Kona Ice 



April 11, 2023

Lavender Ridge Summer Wedding in Reno, Nevada