Although it snowed ANOTHER 8 inches in South Lake Tahoe, nothing could stop Anoosha and Fahad from having a blast on their sunrise winter engagement session. 

I left this winter engagement session WET because I get down and dirty for the shots! I may be done with the snow, but I am never getting over how this sunrise South Lake Tahoe session turned out! 

Sunrise Winter Engagement in South Lake Tahoe

Since there was so much snow on the west side of the lake, we opted for an accessible location on the south-east shore. Due to us being on the Eastern side of the lake, coupled with the mountains around here, the “sunrise” doesn’t hit until about 8am (during the winter), meaning we get some sleep-in time! (Hell yes!!)

We began in the forest, followed by the beach at location one! Since we were there for a winter morning sesh, we were pretty much by ourselves the entire day which is always the BEST. The lake was also pretty still and that’s my favorite way to see it.

Location no. 2 was at one of my favorite spots! There is such an epic view of the lake from here & it doesn’t require a hike. BONUS: It’s usually always accessible with our snow pack — espeically this year when the Sierra as a whole had the second biggest winter since the 1930’s. Over 60ft of snow!!

Basically, between the locations & the vibes — obsessed doesn’t begin to describe this winter sunrise engagement session!

Outfits for Engagement Sessions in South Lake Tahoe

Anoosha and Fahad’s outfits looked so good against the fresh dusting of snow from the previous snowfall. The color palette in their outfits meshed so well against the blues, greens, whites, and grays around South Lake Tahoe. 

Even when they switched into their second outfits on location, they were STUNNING. 

It’s always good to wear no logos as well as a color palette that compliments the location. Check out more here: Three Tips for What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

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This session was incredible and so much fun! Before leaving, Anoosha told me that she, “-never felt this comfortable in front of the camera and had so much fun”. If you know me, this makes my heart so fuzzy and happy!

It’s really all I want for people in front of my lens.



April 22, 2023

Sunrise Winter Engagement Session in South Lake Tahoe