Picking what to wear for your session can be the most daunting part! 

I mean every time I jump in front of the camera I have a whole Grinch moment and yell to myself “BUT WHAT WOULD I WEAR!?” 

But don’t worry I’m here to help!! All my clients who book get access to my full outfit guide, so I wanted to share my top 3 tips from that guide to help getcha started.

What to Wear Tip ONE: Movement 

It sounds so easy, right?
I mean, it’s just one word, “movement”. 

You are going to want to wear clothes that allow for movement for that little bit of spice! Movement adds to the more candid feel of things and being able to play with flowy dresses gives you something to do with your hands. It also adds dimension and makes your images more dynamic. 

Bonus Tip: Keep your hair down and flowing to add even more movement and dimension!

Check out some inspiration HERE.

What to Wear Tip TWO: Coordinate, Not Match 

There is a clear distinction between a coordinated outfit and a matching one.
Coordination makes your look elevated and intentional without it being in-your-face matchy.

You can coordinate by selecting one color or pattern and weaving that into your outfits or by selecting similar fabric types and textures. You can also choose different hues of the same color for a sort of monochromatic look.

Example: Light Blue & Navy or Dark Brown, Tan, & Light Beige. 

Check out some inspiration HERE.

What to Wear Tip THREE: Comfort is Key

You want to pick something that you not only feel confident in but something that’s also comfortable! It’s going to show in photos if you feel uncomfortable or are fidgeting in clothes because they’re too tight and itchy.

With the variety of prompts given for movement, like walking, running, piggybacks, etc., you want something comfortable because a poker face can only go so far. Besides, you want to enjoy your session and remember the fun times! Not reminiscing on how uncomfortable you felt in your outfit. 

Also, keep in mind that some locations require us to hike in so you defs want to be comfortable, not only in clothes but footwear too! 

Pro Tip: When in doubt, jeans and a white tee are a timeless, classic outfit that goes with any backdrop! 

Don’t forget, I am here to be your sounding board. So if you want to email or text me with outfits you’re thinking of, do it! I’m happy to tell ya if I think your fit is going to work for the location we’ve picked or if I think your fits look good together! 

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May 30, 2023

Three Tips for What To Wear For Your Session