Since capturing this incredible Paros Greece Sunrise Session, I have been dying to tell you all about it! It was honestly pure magic and will probably go down in history as one of my favorite couples shoots.

But, I mean, can you blame me?!?!

Making Greek Magic at This Paros Greece Sunrise Session

Before I can dive into specifics, let me set the scene for you.

The charming neighborhood of Naousa was the backdrop for this shoot with this couple, Ryan and Caroline.

And, fun fact: I actually met them randomly at this fantastic cooking class with a Greek grandma, Maria, where we cooked her family’s traditional recipes, and it was such a heartwarming experience.

The class took place at Anezina Village, Anezina Restaurant – I highly, highly recommend it!

Meet the Couple

Ryan is a fourth-generation dairy farmer from good old Pennsylvania, right smack in the heart of Amish country. He and Caroline met at a cow show – yes, you heard that right – a cow show!

I mean, I have definitely read something like this in a romance novel!

Both of them earned degrees in animal sciences, all geared up to embrace the dairy farming life together. Ryan’s even moving to Vermont this summer, where they’ll be working on a massive farm with 1,600 dairy cows!

Talk about a major adventure!

Now, you might be wondering how this dairy-farming duo ended up in Greece for a couples’ getaway. Well, after their graduation, they were looking for a trip to celebrate. Initially, Caroline had her heart set on a cruise, but Ryan wasn’t too keen on that idea. 

After some Googling, they stumbled upon Greece.

Turns out, it’s not only breathtakingly beautiful, it’s surprisingly affordable and incredibly safe.

As a solo traveler? I can 100% vouch for that.

Kicking it Off in Paros

We started off our day bright and early at seven in the morning.
It wasn’t quite sunrise, but let me tell you! Having the whole town practically to ourselves was a dream come true.

The Greeks are truly night owls, so the lonely ambiance was just *chef’s kiss*.

Okay, picture this.

A little harbor with old fishing boats, empty and peaceful.
It was like a scene straight out of a movie, and I couldn’t have asked for a better setting

With those mesmerizing blue and green-domed churches and those iconic white buildings with their charming blue doors, it was true bliss, besties!

Capturing Vibes

Do you know what made this experience even more unforgettable?

The fact that Caroline and Ryan’s playful, goofy side shone so brightly during the shoot. They made our time together absolutely exciting, and the photos turned out to be pure magic.

Speaking of magic, here is a little Greece tip: even if you’re not into morning photography sessions, make sure to wake up early and take a leisurely stroll around town. Trust me, the vibes are worth it! You’ll get to soak in the beauty without the hustle and bustle of crowds.

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July 28, 2023

Paros Greece Sunrise Session