We all dream of a dreamy honeymoon in Paros Greece, right?

You know, one with breathtaking sunsets, the golden hour glow covering you and your lover, and Greece’s charming island of Paros as the dreamy backdrop.

Kailey and Dylan were able to experience that.
Plus, they got it all captured on camera (by yours truly, of course).

Bucketlist Session: Honeymoon in Paros Greece

Kailey and Dylan, a super cool and sweet couple from Miami, were on their dreamy honeymoon adventure in Paros, Greece.

Coincidentally, we met during a cooking class, and let me tell you, that’s where the magic began. We decided to seize the enchanting sunset vibes at their hotel, Cove Paros, for an editorial-style photoshoot that would make anyone swoon.


Poppin’ Bottles

As we got together, we popped open a bottle of rosé and turned up the tunes, setting the perfect mood for our escapade through Paros.

The magic unfolded as we struck poses inspired by editorial shoots, soaking up every ounce of beauty the hotel had to offer.

But, the fun didn’t end there.

We ventured to the beach at their hotel. Let me tell you, it was pure bliss.

Strolling the Sandy Shores

Kailey and Dylan radiated happiness which in turn,  made their love for each other palpable.

Though Dylan was a bit skeptical about the whole photoshoot idea, he totally embraced it and had an absolute blast!

Listen, they were the epitome of #CoupleGoals.

They had been together for four years, meeting at a graduation party, and finally tying the knot in December with an intimate elopement in Buenos Aires before celebrating with a grand wedding in Miami.

I love it when couples do what makes them happy!

Like I said, #couplegoals!

Happiness in Noausa

Paros and the charming neighborhood of Naousa stole our hearts.

This island is now my absolute favorite spot in Greece, and I can’t wait to return. If you ever get a chance to visit Paros, make sure to check out the incredible cooking class we took at Anezina Village, hosted by the lovely Maria.

Trust me; her grandma’s recipes were a delight, and the entire experience was filled with love and warmth, so much olive oil and all the Greek wine.

*another couple I met at this class

Advice from a Destination Photographer

Honeymoon photoshoots are a MUST!

Sure, you might have your own Instagram-worthy skills. But, I want you to think about it: your honeymoon is often a once-in-a-lifetime destination experience. Having professional photos capturing those cherished moments is beyond precious.

Whether you’re exploring a new place or savoring quiet time together, those photos become cherished memories for years to come.

I mean, take it from Kailey + Dylan!
The sunsets, the beaches, the laughter – everything made it a true fairytale, and they can now remember those memories forever.

Whether you’re planning your own honeymoon or just a trip to Greece, remember to savor every moment, capture the memories, and make it an experience of a lifetime!


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July 26, 2023

Honeymoon in Paros Greece: A Golden Hour Shoot to Remember