Capturing Katy and Jake’s Dollar Point engagement session in Lake Tahoe seriously set my soul on fire!

It was an epic night filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments. As a close friend and their chosen wedding photographer, I couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of their journey.

Let me take you through the unforgettable experience we had together.

Dani Rawson Photo, a Tahoe Engagement Photographer, shares take on a Dollar Point Engagement Session in Lake Tahoe, California

Capturing the PERFECT Dollar Point Engagement Session

Katy and Jake have been friends of mine for years, and I initially photographed them several years ago when I was still building my portfolio. Fast forward to today, and their love story has evolved into something truly special.

After Jake proposed to Katy this winter, they started planning their dream wedding. Which, is set to take place this fall (2023).

But before the big day, we had their engagement session to capture all the pre-wedding vibes.

A Dreamy Location: Dollar Point in Lake Tahoe

We chose a hidden gem in North Lake Tahoe for their engagement photos. This spot held a sentimental value as Jake’s family owns a cabin just minutes away. The serene lake, calm waters, and breathtaking mountains provided an idyllic backdrop for their love story.

To begin, we started in a beautiful forest area, basking in the warm sunlight that filtered through the trees. I was stoked to have their furry companions join us, and their dogs added an extra layer of fun and excitement to the shoot.


Little did I know that the “dogs” had left a ball in my bag, which my own pup, Ollie, found and instantly fell in love with.

Moments of Magic:

As the session progressed, we explored different spots along the beach, taking time to stop and make all the photo magic. We even stumbled upon a promposal happening on a nearby dock, prompting us to find an alternative location.

Fortunately, Jake knew someone who lived nearby, and we were able to use their dock for some intimate and heartfelt shots. We laughed, enjoyed some beers, and created genuine moments that truly reflected their personalities and deepened our bond as friends.

Throughout the session, we reminisced about the years we’ve known each other and marveled at how much we’ve all grown. Katy and Jake’s high school sweetheart story had reached this beautiful milestone, and it was an honor to capture their love and playful dynamics. They effortlessly embraced the camera, and Jake’s initial camera shyness soon faded away, allowing his authentic self to shine through.

Forever blown away by the couples I get to work with.

As we wrapped up the session, the couple expressed their excitement not only for their upcoming wedding but also for the final photographs. Katy praised my evolving editing skills, appreciating the crispness and natural light that I bring to my work. Knowing that they trusted and valued both my personality and photography style made my heart so happy.

Reminiscing on Their Session

As I drove home from their session, I witnessed a breathtaking sunset that mirrors the enchantment of Katy and Jake’s engagement session.

I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to document their love story.

The experience was filled with laughter, candid moments, and genuine connections. And I just can’t wait for all the magic we have yet to make together!?!? It is enough to make you light-headed!

Cheers to Katy and Jake and the magic that lies ahead!



July 18, 2023

Dollar Point Engagement Session in Lake Tahoe, California