Navigating the dilemma of a wedding photographer’s wardrobe —believe me, I’ve been there. It’s an ongoing challenge, especially for someone with curves like me. But over the past year, I’ve discovered some go-to pieces—wardrobe essentials that go beyond weddings, maintaining both cuteness and professionalism.

These staples promise longevity, sparing me the need for frequent wardrobe upgrades.

Now, fair warning, Abercrombie & Fitch is going to feature prominently in my recommendations. No sponsorship here—I just genuinely appreciate the quality of their clothing and how effortlessly they complement each other.

Wearing the Abercrombie Crinkle pants & the Abercrombie tank body suit! Plus a cardi from Target and the Dr. Scholls white sneaks.

7 of My Favorite Pieces in My Wedding Photographer’s Wardrobe

ONE | Abercrombie & Fitch Body Suits

First up, Abercrombie & Fitch body suits – both the tanks and long sleeves.

These double-lined wonders boast a clean cut and pair effortlessly with anything. The thicker straps and square neckline of the tanks are not only flattering but durable. I practically lived in them this summer for weddings, travel, and everyday life, and they’ve held up incredibly well. 

The long sleeves are a winter must-have, providing the same flattering fit and clean lines.

TWO | A&F’s Crinkle Pants

Next in my Abercrombie lineup are the crinkle pants.

While not the most breathable, these pants are comfy AF, timeless, and versatile. I snagged them on clearance, so grab them while you can! The beige and black options have become my go-to, and they easily mix and match with other pieces.

THREE | Abercrombie’s Poplin Midi Dress

Another Abercrombie gem is their poplin midi dress.

Perfect for guests or photographers, this dress is cute, light, and easy-breezy. Ideal for hot summer days or events with a more formal dress code, this dress comes in various colors, but the black one takes the crown for versatility.

Bonus: it has pockets – a game-changer for any outfit!

FOUR | Shein Jumpsuit

Now, I know Shein doesn’t have the best reputation, but finding fashionable clothes in my size is a struggle.

Disclaimer over.

I’ve lived in their jumpsuit for two seasons, and it’s forever a favorite. Cute, easy, and a perfect match with the Abercrombie body suits – what’s not to love?

FIVE | Amazon Linen Tee and TikTok-Approved Judy Blue Jeans

For Amazon aficionados, the linen tee is a summer wedding dream – cute, breathable, and boasting a slightly oversized fit.

And thanks to TikTok, the viral Judy Blue jeans in olive crop have become my fall wedding go-to. 

Super stretchy and easy to wear, they pair seamlessly with the Abercrombie body suits and the Amazon linen tee.

SIX | Dr. Scholl’s Platform White Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, comfort is key for those long wedding days. I invested in Dr. Scholl’s platform white sneakers, and they’ve been a game-changer.

Versatile and comfortable, they go with everything, minimizing foot fatigue during those 8+ hours on your feet.

SEVEN | Ariat Wexford Boots and Blundstones

For winter weddings, I recommend investing in the Ariat Wexford boots or Blundstones.

While they may be a splurge, these cute and comfy options are winter weather champions. With proper care, they can last a decade or more, making them practically free in girl math terms!

Navigating the wedding wardrobe crisis is no easy feat, especially for us curvier gals. But armed with these wardrobe staples, you’ll not only conquer the wedding season but find pieces that perfectly transition into your everyday style.

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December 4, 2023

Navigating a Wedding Photographer’s Wardrobe Woes: A Curvier Gal’s Guide