What’s better than one Seasonal Engagement session? TWO of them! 😉 

I met Kelsey and Ali when they decided to book me for my winter mini-sessions in 2021. They wanted to try out a photographer before their 2022 wedding. Honestly, I love this idea! Look at it this way: you get cute photos of yourself and your honey, and you also get to see the photographer’s style and personality before you go all in.

We love a little test drive.

Best part? They ended up booking me for their wedding and they booked a full engagement session, meaning we got to do two seasonal engagement sessions in Tahoe/Donner!

Tahoe and Donner Seasonal Engagement Session

#1 Seasonal Engagement Session: Magical Winter Wonderland at Lake Tahoe 

When it came to their mini session, it had snowed just a couple of days before and created the most magical winter wonderland for these two lovebirds.

We had to hike in a few feet of snow. By a few feet of snow, I mean it was up to my hips at some points. We all wore snow pants to make sure we weren’t frozen, and the photos came out exactly how they wanted so I wouldn’t change a thing!

We jammed to tunes, had a snowball fight, and just took in the sights. There is something so serene and beautiful about Lake Tahoe under a blanket of snow.

#2 Seasonal Engagement Session: Taco Bell Picnic on Donner Lake Dock

Once the wedding was booked, they decided to do another engagement sesh! We switched it up and went for Donner Lake in the summertime. 

Kelsey and Ali had the cutest Taco Bell picnic on one of the Donner Lake docks. Together, they did a shot of tequila, an ode to how they first met. And this is proof of why I love seasonal engagement sessions!

You can do anything you want! They don’t have to be perfect or elegant if that’s not what you are looking for. You can just be yourselves and bring your favorite things. Celebrate your love! Do what YOU WANT! I can’t stress how important it is to feel comfortable and like yourselves in your engagement photos, that’s when you’ll get those incredible photos you love. So yeah, do the Taco Belle picnic or whatever else feels like you!

Between a lakeside picnic and a short drive up to some epic views, we were able to get so much variety in photos at their second engagement session. It was definitely a change from the winter snow we had to hike through, but was still just as beautiful. 

An Engagement + Wedding Photographer’s Two Cents

You can do more than one engagement session!

I know that’s crazy! But seriously! If you don’t love winter photos but your lover does, take photos in a different season as well. I’ve even seen couples do a session every season leading up to their wedding so they get the most variety of pictures they can! 

I’m so honored Kelsey and Ali loved that mini winter session so much that they decided to not only book with me for their wedding but capture the most incredible seasonal engagement session in Tahoe/Donner.

I love all my couples SO MUCH but I have a special place in my heart for the ones who keep coming back. So stay tuned for their wedding because if you think these are epic, you’re going to die when you see the wedding photos!


September 29, 2021

Seasonal Engagement Session in Tahoe/Donner