Ahhhhh y’all! I’m so stoked to finally be getting back to sharing some content from the coast! These cuties modeled for a styled coastal couples session in Big Sur last April. If you don’t remember, I went to the Transformed Education Co.’s Big Sur content days last year and it was seriously so much fun!

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A couple kisses one another during their coastal couples session in Big Sur, California.

Alyssa and Jeremy had this contagious energy! We danced, we laughed and we took in the all beauty this magical place has to offer. They also were mega champs when it came to photographing that day. During a content day you have between five and 15 photographers rotating through to capture images. This can get super overwhelming if you’ve never modeled or if you’re uncomfy in front of the camera. BUT A & J were rockstars and absolutely killed it in front of the cam. For real. All the images I’ve seen from the other creators in attendance have been pure MAGIC.

So why should you have a Coastal Couples Session in Big Sur!?

First of all, do you see these photos!?! Like not only are Alyssa and Jeremy total babes, BUTTTT this landscape is everything!!

Secondly, if you’re not from the coast (like me) or if you are, this place is such a special spot to make memories in. Take a long weekend with your fave human, soak in the energy of Big Sur and make all the soul-filling memories together. Plus if you’re using these for engagement photos, this is just another way to make your wedding/engagement season even more sentimental.

Want to see where I’m traveling next or if I’m coming to Big Sur anytime soon? Check out my upcoming travel agenda here. (Also, I’ll literally come to Big Sur or anywhere on the coast, anytime 😉)


September 7, 2022

Coastal Couples Session in Big Sur