Lately, my Instagram and TikTok feeds have been flooded with incredible wedding trends that have me in an absolute chokehold.

So, I thought it was high time I put together a blog to shine a spotlight on some of my personal favorites.

Let’s dive into this celebration of creativity and individuality.

5 of My Favorite Current Wedding Trends

Before we get into all of my favorite current wedding trends, let’s establish one thing!

Your wedding is a canvas for your unique love story.

Whether you’re head over heels for these trends or not, remember that your big day should reflect you and your partner’s personalities, passions, and styles.

ONE | Fashion Show Aisles

Who doesn’t want to be the star of their own show?

The fashion show-style aisle is a trend that’s making waves, and I am totally here for it.

Picture this: a grand aisle adorned with gorgeous floral arrangements, while seating is strategically positioned to offer all your guests an unobstructed view of you making your way down that aisle.

It’s a chance to channel your inner supermodel and break away from tradition in a killer way. 

The best part?! It keeps those phone-wielding guests from photobombing your aisle shots! Honestly, a blessing from God.

Photo Captured by Melia Lucida

TWO | Grounded Florals for Wedding “Arches”

Say goodbye to traditional arches and hello to grounded florals that elevate the beauty of your ceremony without blocking the breathtaking backdrop.

Raise your hand for more beautiful views. *RAISES BOTH HANDS*

Not only does it spotlight you and your partner against nature’s stunning canvas, but it also ensures that your chosen view remains uninterrupted. Whether your wedding is set against a mountainous backdrop or a serene lakeside, grounded florals accentuate the scene rather than competing with it.

Photo Captured by Valorie Darling via Brides Magazine
Photo Captured by Kenzie Victory

THREE | Whimsical Colors: Unleash Your Imagination

While classics like greenery and white are timeless, I’m over here loving the influx of color in these current wedding trends.

Brides are infusing their special day with vibrant hues from their blooms to their gowns. Also, grooms are stepping away from the traditional black suit, opting for daring colors that reflect their personalities.

This trend is all about embracing the creative spirit, and I absolutely LOVE the boldness it brings.

Photos Captured by Wed Pashalis
Photo Featured by Alexa Kay Events

FOUR | Flash Night Portraits Giving Paparazzi Vibes

Who says the party has to end when the sun goes down?

I’m all about capturing the magic of night portraits with flashes of light that give your photos a very film-like vibe.

These portraits are vibrant, energetic, and just a little bit paparazzi-inspired.

They’re not only a chance to create something truly unique but also a fantastic excuse to take a breather from the festivities and share an intimate moment under the moonlight.

Photos Captured by Dani Rawson Photo

FIVE | Private Last Dances

Why not end your wedding on the most romantic note possible?
The private last dance trend is all about stealing a moment alone with your partner before the night comes to a close.

It’s an opportunity to soak in the joy, the love, and the memories you’ve created throughout the day. And, according to some of my couples, it’s also a sneaky way to signal to guests that the party is winding down.

Photos Captured by Dani Rawson Photo

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Final Thoughts About These Current Wedding Trends

As your wedding photographer, my aim is to capture the essence of your day.

These include the trends you embrace, the emotions you share, and the love that binds you. Whether you’re drawn to these trends or have a unique idea of your own, remember that your wedding day is your masterpiece, and I’m here to make sure it’s celebrated and captured in all of its beauty.

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August 18, 2023

Current Wedding Trends: A Wedding Photographer’s Trending Favorites