Hell yeah – you just got engaged!! And, now? You are jumping on the massive task of planning your dream wedding and picking between Lake Tahoe’s Top Venues.

Now I know this can be a daunting task.

Trust me, I get it!

But, I am ultimately here to help!

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline

Here’s my ultimate wedding planning and timeline checklist to help kick-start your wedding planning. It’s robust af, but a great place to find where to start.

Choosing the Perfect Venue | 5 of Lake Tahoe’s Top Venues

I’m going to break down some of Lake Tahoe’s Top Venues.

Picking your venue and securing your date should be some of the very first things you lock in when it comes to wedding planning!

Why? Because…

  1. You want to make sure you can tell other vendors (photo, video, HAMU, etc.) when/who/where they’re booking.
  2. This is going to be one of the biggest chunks of your budget, and you don’t want the heart-breaking moment of being short on cash because you booked all the little stuff first. Venues might also have rules on vendors (i.e., only working with the ones on their lists), so booking a venue first is going to make a lot of other things fall into place for you.

Now, the following list is in no particular order!!

These are just venues that I love working with & that my couples have had a great experience with as well.

ONE | White Wolf Tahoe

Tucked in the mountains near Alpine Meadows and Tahoe City, this little slice of heaven is one of the most beautiful venues around. I love that there is a place for all the things – ceremony, dinner, d-floor, bar. And the views OH MY GOD. If you want Yosemite vibes without the travel, this is the place to be!! The owner is also super super nice and great to work with.

Now, I need to be honest; it’s been close to two years since I’ve had the pleasure of working here, and there has been some rumor that the owner may be selling his magnificent property to the ski resorts. So I would reach out literally right now if this has sparked your interest because I don’t know if or when this rumor is happening/had happened.

Though the fate of weddings here is unknown to me, still give her a chance and check out how freaking stunning she is.


TWO | Round Hill Pines

For my humans who are ballin’ on a smaller wedding budget but still want to get down with 75-150 of their closest humans, this is the spot for you!! This stunning spot is right on the shores of Lake Tahoe and is super close to the bustling town of South Lake Tahoe.

The vibes & the views are unmatched, and compared to other venues around the lake, they are super affordable. The staff is super friendly and great to work with! They also just put in a new parking lot, and sheesh she’s nice!

Can’t wait to see how they further develop the resort!


THREE | Grandlibakken Lake Tahoe

In Tahoe City sits this great little spot!

The food is good, guests & you can stay on-site, and you get allllll the forest vibes – I mean what more could you want!? It’s such a nice spot tucked off the main drag through town. I got to photograph there for the first time this September, and it was so lovely!!

The staff was super nice, and even though my couple opted for a church ceremony, it was so nice that everything could be on-site if you wanted!

FOUR | Valhalla Tahoe

This charming historical site sits in South Lake and offers all the things – forest vibes, mountain views, and lakefront goodness.

Now the only time I’ve had the chance to photograph here, we were in the thick of the Caldor fire, so the views were very lackluster, but the smoke made for the wickedly cool vibe for the photos.

It should be noted that a planner is required to have your wedding here, but trust me that’s a good thing!! Plus I have a great list of planners in the area who would be amazing to work with!


FIVE | Tahoe Blue Estate

Ok ok so I know I said that I would be sharing venues I’ve worked at, butttt I almost worked here haha and I worked at their sister property, Tannenbaum, a ton!! I just had to share this one since it’s been getting some buzz on TikTok.

This is like a venue, an Airbnb hybrid, and is perfect for my humans with a smaller guest list.

If you’re into views, if you’re into the mountains, if you want to show up on Friday, get married on Saturday, and relax with a brunch on Sunday and stay in one spot, then this is the place for you!!!

Bonus, the food is good because it’s owned by one of my fave local caterers AND the staff is incredible!! Defs check it out.

For Inspiration: TAHOE BLUE ESTATE

If you need a photographer to capture your special day in Lake Tahoe, I would be more than happy to chat with you to see if we’d be a good fit.


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February 5, 2024

A Guide to Wedding Planning and Lake Tahoe’s Top Venues